Sunday, July 21, 2013

Eh, my neck is really giving me gyp this morning. Must be the lack of sticking it out. (I hopped over the fence and landed a little awkwardly. A small matter of the slipperyness of a sloppy cowpoo.)So I'm off to give myself a long soaking hot bath. And I only had one 9 months ago... ;-). We've had some very mild days and the plants (weeds especially) all think it is spring. I think they're decieving themselves. Still, grass cutting and weeding need to be done.


  1. the weather is a bit cornfuzed. Here in DFW Texas instead of our normal near 100f/38c degree stretch of slow cooking, we have had some sub 90f/30c days, a couple of really odd 75f/24c highs and it has rained every day for the last week. They say we will get back to the normal highs by friday, but then it is to cool down again.

    I'll take it, though riding the motorcycle in the rain gets a bit old.

    1. Ayup. I tried the riding in the rain thing for four years. Mind you tonight I'll gaurantee I wouldn't even try. It's not only raining, but blowing hard enough to de-stabilise anything lighter than a Sherman tank.