Saturday, July 20, 2013


Well either the small gods of accuracy or luck have favoured me the last while - I shot two fish with one spear, and two wallaby in two shots in a few minutes (I'm aiming for a head shot, almost always in profile, which is head forward, the rifle is very left-right accurate, but range does affect up-down. Basically this means either a clean miss or dead, which is the way I'd rather do it.) Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket.

We were due some foul weather, and Norm wanted some abalone and sea-urchins for his justly famed sausages, so we scooted out early on thursday. I was hoping to shoot some more sweep, but the sea conditions there were no fun (I went down to 7 metres and it was still rolling around. I had my quick-connect to the second stage regulator pop and had to do a forced ascent - fortunately I had just dropped to that depth, and if you keep calm breath out, and swim steadily seven metres is not a long way. But a new quick-connect is in order.) I had been about to give it five minutes and abandon the spot, it was getting nastier by the minute, so we ran in to a lovely sheltered bit of limestone with schools of Oldwife The picture doesn't do them full justice as they're more orange/red eyed here. Juvenile Bullseyes (they look like they still hve a yolk sack, and Mado sweep and zebrafish...

And now you understand why when people tell me "there was yellow on it and/or it had stripes - what is it?" I want to tear my hair in despair.

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