Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Moves afoot

Barbs is starting the move into the new surgery building - part of hospital upgrade. I gather they're making little dolls in the architect's image and saving blunt septic needles...

Planted more garlic. I know. I'd should be out on the shortest day. But I was busy. I filled my chooks with cackling glee by feeding them cock-chafer larvae I had dug up.

On more work related news I got Peter's old computer up, got word perfect loaded and accessed by old document trove, with an eye to a few more books for the kindle. And I did some more work today... and that's about all. I did shoot a wallaby for dog tucker, but that is not a novelty any more, but a normal chore. How life changes.


  1. Hi Dave,
    I have stumbled across your sight and curious Friday, March 16, 2012 you posted that you were were out of dog tucker and had to remedy the cure! Well you obviously did but not with a can of pal! I am just interested and surfing on a cold winters night in Maranup W.A. Live on 70 acres in the bush couldn't quite make the whole self sustainability thing but have had a good go, children threw in a lot of obstacles, want , want, want. Although not nearly as isolated as you I have to say I am just interested. Not much else to say

    1. Hi Kim - We don't make the whole self-sufficiency thing either, but we're working towards more of it. Some parts I am quite happy to let go! (I have a tepid interest in soap-making (Barbs is quite interested in hand soap, but dishwashing liquid and detergent,no), and none in doing without chocolate.)

      Our lives are made a lot easier by having thousands of acres available for foraging, and of course the sea, which is not fished out around here. Dog-tucker - you have to be aware that elderly dogs need reduced protein, a pure meat diet puts too much stress on their kidneys.