Sunday, July 7, 2013

The dancer returns

Okay, I have been very slack- Barbs has been away and I've been doing nothing much but writing. Some even book-type writing... The weather has been teh miserable and windy and stormy, to the extent I was very worried when Barbs flew out on Friday, in a little single Engine plane to Devonport, for some Scottish Country Dancing. Three of the girls went, and I gather they had a whale of a time, and enjoyed sampling the chocolate there very much. We had a mob of young 'uns in for the Thursday night dancing here- 18 15 year old school-girls on a tour of the island. They had a load of fun with much shrieking and laughter, which just shows fun does not need to invovle malls or even boys. The two granddfatherly types did not count. I did end up feeling quite old... still it turned out CUTTLEFISH is in their library and the sf/fantasy readers were... as excited as young women can be (er, squeee) to find I'd written it. The one commented that she'd wondered why Flinders got such a role in it, and she'd the author must know it. I'm working on it.

Anyway, Barbs is back, and has to go in to the surgery to work tomorrow - their first day in the new building. I have a feeling chai and sympathy better be ready and waiting when it is over...


  1. "nothing much but writing" and that's slack? I beg to differ.

    Lisa S. in Seattle

    1. Heh, true, but not much to write about on the blog