Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The wind through the trees

Wow, the roaring forties are roaring away tonight. The island can be beautiful and tranquil and green with limpid deep blue seas, turquoise bays and white sand... or like now. I don't think the water will be fit to dive for weeks. It's miserable, wet, and oddly not that cold. Still, winter. I pity poor sailors on a night like tonight.

I had occasion to get into Fairy-the-pig's pen today to replace some of the rocks she'd moved. I won't be doing that again, or not without a minder and a solid pole. She's 50kg at least I rekon much less skittish and that is her turf and she's quite keen on tasting you. Well, one day the boot will be on the other foot. I got some pork from Norm today, one of his he's killed.

Planted some artichoke plants courtesy of a friend, they're looking a little frail, but we can hope. I have 4 established, but about 50 is a good number. Like asparagus, you can't have too much.

Otherwise today I spent most of the day indoors and glad to be.

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