Friday, April 6, 2012

extra life

Yesterday was one of those useful days. I got up around 5.30 as I usually do, grumpy and delighted to greet the day. Did my post, did my normal chores, fixed the gutter that had fallen down, mowed the grass, hung out a load of washing, made the bread-rolls... Packed boat, sorted the gear from the last expedition.. and found it was 12.30

Some work ensued, with me determined to burn the midnight oil. Only then they sent the proof for CUTTLEFISH (which stuffs this week royally). And Barbs came home and said it was still as a mill-pond at Lady Barron. So we went and speared some flounder. Now I'm very guilty and trying to work... only we have a lunch that must be gone to tomorrow (put off last week) and visitors this afternoon, and my friend Brin coming to say cheers...

Can I have an extra life?

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