Sunday, April 8, 2012

local wine

Barbs went picking grapes at the local vineyard today (not the largish one down near Lady Barron. I didn't like their wine much, whereas the stuff I tasted from the place around the corner (about 4km) was actually nice). It's a tiny vineyard, a couple of acres I think. Light, but drinkable pinot. Not immortal, but not bad. Barbs is of course frantically taking notes against the day we finally make our own wine... might be a long time in the future! Anyway, it's nice to know it can be done here, and done reasonable well.

We had some blog-reading friends show up to have a cuppa with us. Poor folk got me so deep in a book it took me some 10 minutes to talk any kind of sense (not that I do that much anyway). I conclude humans breed because we forget just how exhausting 2 year olds can be - especially to watch in other people's houses. She was actually a good-natured little thing but you could see the stress it causes. Makes having a conversation interesting when one eye is on the child... We've kind of moved past being totally little kid proof too, alas. One forgets just how into everything they are. Still, no disasters, and both kids loved the dragons we got from Jon.

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