Monday, April 23, 2012

Playing possum

2 Am in the chez Freer and there is a suspicious crash. Dave gets up to see just what the cats have broken now, in a state of dozy irritable (rather different to South Africa, where I would have gone down with the dogs in a state some nervousness.) Only it was not the cats, it was an intruder that had come in via the kitty door. One LARGE possum. A possum who was not very intimidated by the deadly weapon I had seized, to wit, a sofa cushion. A face off ensued and possum decided departure was perhaps the better option than being smothered by a largely naked man, a sentiment I can quite understand.

So possum-trapping is in order.


  1. Maybe you should try using brain bleach instead of a more traditional bait...

  2. lol, I will never forget the story of the first time my step-brother Ken first saw a possom. He was taking out the trash,, about 15 years old, comes running back to the apartment in a state of panic. "Paul, get your gun, the biggest f***ing rat I've ever seen is at the dumpster!" my pop came back in, laughing.