Thursday, April 26, 2012

In which we begin to recover

M'seur le Possum has not been back. I am slowly catching up, firstly on sleep, and secondly on all the million things that need doing - which includes work on the first draft so it can become the second draft and taking a couple of hours for Barbs and I to go to Red Bluff with Peter and Helen - not one of your great fishing trips, but I did get an Australian salmon of about 2kg - foul-hooked by the back and with the drag on my the reel stuck (problem with gear bought at garage sales - it's not always quite what you thought it was) on an old fly-rod. I got it in, which was more luck than judgement. And now... once more into the breech. Need to get this turned in.

I seem to lurch from chasing my tail... to chasing my tail. I need to
1)get this in
2)do the beehives (have to return the model bits)
3)sort out the cold frame.
4)get winter veg in
5)Down to 2 packs of wallaby mince. Need to go and help a couple to avoid being roadkill
6) get some backlist up on kindle
7) get some shorts finished and up on kindle. You can badmouth Amazon all you like. They pay me in gaps when it really helps. On time.
8)get the firewood sorted out before we really start to freeze.

Then start on the next book...
Still, it's a good life, if you don't weaken.

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