Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Well, Barbs went muttonbirding today without me. I can't wait to finish this book. I did sort a difficult section today, and I hope we can get to plainer sailing soon. I really need to get some shelter onto the capsicum plants, as they're starting to feel the cold. Winter is creeping up on us. We did get our woodburning heater burning last night. It's in shall we say elderly and shaky condition. But it did work.


  1. The postman just dropped off _my_ copy of Dog and Dragon. I'll let you know in the morning what I thought of it...yes, you'll be sleep depriving me you rascal!

  2. I got my copy of Dog and Dragon and lost a great deal of sleep. It's a fine and fun book and does Roland proud.

    1. He was quite a dog to live up to, my old boy.