Friday, December 28, 2012

I am preparing for the trip to Zimbabwe (James and Alana's re-affirmation of vows - basically a wedding ceremony for all those who couldn't come here - most of the family and friends.) I really don't want to go back to Africa, but we do these things for our children.

I was laying drip pipes for the garden to stop total death while we're away, when one of the black pipes developed scales and moved as I was reaching for it. The horrible beetles seem to be unstoppable on the strawberries :-(

We're still in eat left-overs mode...


  1. 1. Try sea weed on a few beds. Not only the most excellent mulch but will keep in moisture.

    2. You will definitely be in our prayers. Zimbabwe scares the crap out of me. The relationship between the ANC and ZANU-PF is scary bad. Just last week Simon Khaya Moyo, ZANU-PF's chairthing, said they and the ANC were comrades in arms. Please be careful.

    1. Will do our best to be careful. A seaweed trip is probably just not practical right now, but I have mulched where possible.