Thursday, December 13, 2012

Present time

Today was present time, at the post office - no, no cheques or royalty statements, but some very nice people sent us things which cheered me up no end, even if they did make me feel quite guilty,and like a whinger for complaining yesterday.

I now have some more bush tucker to experiment with. And I have a turkey-caller... we do most of turkey shooting more like drive-by shootings here... so this is a very novel idea. Besides I got a present I bought myself, a couple of rather battered Footrot Flats cartoons books off e-bay that I hadn't read. I always enjoyed them, but living as we do I find them hilarious and accurate now.

It was the CWA Christmas lunch today so I had to pass on a dive with the master crayfisherman. Greater love hath no man... and actually the women who would have been eating the crays weren't that impressed either. Oh well, there will be other days, and it was rather fun making turkey calls at the CWA. Yes I am a bad man. What else is new?

We've had the blessing of a bit of rain today, which the land needed, and it seems to have brought out the bugs in force. That's farming I guess.

I think I'll sneak across to my neighbour and turkey call under his window :-) Only I might get lead in my tail.


  1. Oh my, a Monkey with a turkey call. Imagine the mischief!

  2. When they brought Turkey back to my childhood home of Michigan and got enough to restart hunting for them, my cousin worked hard to learn how to call them. He was bragging his skills to his grandmother, who was still living on the family farmland (Apple Orchard) where 90% of his hunting was going to be. Granny laughed and said "I can call turkeys, no problem" and opened the door to the porch. She stood there and called out "Hear Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey" and four good sized Toms and a couple of Jakes came strutting out of the woods. She had been feeding them when feeding deer. My other cousin got his deer one year by her calling him to come out, slapping said deer on the rump and saying "Shoot this bastard here, he knocks me over and steals the feed bucket"... "Ok gran, but back away from him first"

  3. Can't believe you took your turkey call to the CWA!! Richard LOVES Footrot Flats, quite hilarious as you say!