Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The end of the world is at hand.

The Mayans were right. Certain signs and portents show this.

For instance: the Christmas tree we chose and cut is not too tall. It did not have to have 13 trims to even get into the house.

This does not happen naturally!
All my Christmas orders are in...(another sure sign)

Also I have yet to receive my author copies of Steam Mole, and a whole lot of other publishing related stuff, including money... they're never late, are they? Oh, wait...

Had salsify, parsnips out of the garden as part of tea tonight. Most yummy if a little early? Well, best to eat them if we're all going to be eaten by the giant sky snake or wiped out by the great white handkerchief. If only the tomatoes would ripen... then indeed, we'd be in the last days - but so far we are safe...

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