Friday, December 21, 2012

I have 1)Cut the grass 2)written words for current story 3)Looked up pig spit roasting for tomorrow, got nervous.
4)Looked at my tomatoes in despair. They will not be ready for Christmas. They should get ripe some time in... second week of January, while we're away. Anyway, i will attempt to take some pig roasting pics tomorrow. I have discovered the downside of long days - Sunday is supposed to be hot and still - and both high tides (for flounder) are in the daylight. We need dark for this.


  1. Bag a few tomatoes and see if they don't ripen quick. A plastic bag. Mini greenhouse. Works up north here in the states, cooks them in the South.

    1. good idea. I'll make a hole in the bag, I think.