Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Steam Mole

comes out today. If you're a mate of mine, or a reader, consider this an invitation to join the launch party... which as I have yet to receive an author copy or be told when it was being released is sadly about as far as launch parties go for yours truly. One day I dream of a publisher succeeding at these very hard things. They must be almost impossible, because it just never, in the last... (mutter) work it out, including paperback editions, more than thirty opportunities.

Cheers. Here's to the STEAM MOLE. May she find readers to love her.

Yesterday was the day of hoiking hay about. My dive partner got 300 small bales for their horses... only they were still in the field in rows. Rain forecast.

Well, except a spit and a spot, gone before it wet the ground, it didn't rain, and we got it all in. I am stiff-n-sore, and Jamie must be much worse.

The pig is a bulldozer. He turned a very respectable pig-yard into a plowed mess in a day. He tips everything (food, water), moves 10 kg boulders with his nose.


  1. Yay Dave!
    I have only just received Dog and Dragon from Amazon last week so hopefully this one doesn't take quite as long.

    1. Thanks Mark! Cheers. Have a virtual canape, to go with that virtual champers. They're virtually irresistible. :-) As Amazon are not usually that inefficient, I imagine this my publisher, or my publisher's distributor Simon and Schuster, not delivering. I love them. Really.

  2. Maybe the bulldozer pig likes his yard as a plowed mess. Or he's a pig of very little brain. Or perhaps both.

    Lisa S. in Seattle (where it's raining).

  3. I pre ordered (on kindle) & will only get it on the 18th. Oh well I'll just have to wait

  4. This'n had better be at Mysterious Galaxy when I show up there tomorrow. Otherwise I'll be seriously dischuffed... and need to look for alternative sources of supply.