Saturday, February 16, 2013

A few days

Life ran away with me for the last few days - not only has the book finally been trotting if not galloping, I'm off to Melbourne for a few days next week, to help a friend pack up, and that took some organizing, and the summer produce has started arriving en masse. I've dreied more apple, nectarines, prune-plums, and of course, tomato. The dryer has worked non-stop and I've got about 5kg more tomatoes to go in. Some will have to be preserved in other ways. And we had Scottish dancing on Thursday night, with more than 20 people - a bunch of cyclists over for a week's tour, and everyone had brought a friend or two. It turned into something of a romp, with strip the willow leaving quite a lot of people very dizzy.
Then we had board games evening last night. I tell you, we are wild to dissipation here on the island.
Barbs has re-mutated our Zimbabwe cold. I fed it chili instead, which has so far worked. Anyway I went to help her prepare the holiday house (one of her various jobs) and cleaned windows and did a lot of ironing. I didn't appreciate the the training the SA military gave me, but I do now.
And now to slice more tomato.

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