Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Alas, poor little blue rod, I knew you well

So I have cleaned the gutters in preparation for the rain - well, it was raining slightly at the time, but all that did was make the roof treacherous. I don't think we saw 2 mm. I have a huge batch of tomatoes drying, and things beginning to take shape for being away - I've cooked a lot of meals and frozen them, and made a double batch of rolls. Yes, Barbs can cook, well, sort of. But if she comes home tired with the all the other stuff to do too, at least there are microwave meals. Ready meals for one, Island style.

I went for dive this afternoon, and left my weight-belt at home. So I made do with rocks. Rocks are bigger and much less effective than weights, and getting to 5 abs was quite an achievement. I've got a waist bag, and I had one up inside my wetsuit, and the waistbag like a big sea-anchor... not one of your great successes, but still I did get some abalone, by dint of hard swimming and holding on to the bottom. I also shot a leather-jacket, which bit me, while I was carefully avoiding the dorsal spine...

Barbs had arranged to show the med students how to catch squid, and so I went into town and down to the jetty. While I was squidding, I set up the little blue rod with a bait on the little red alvey... I thought on almost zero drag in a deep crack in a pole... Next thing I saw it catapult into the deep, splat, and swim off. No, I did not jump in after it.

Anyway, we did get five squid.

I am going to shower now... probably have the next disaster...


  1. The last time I tried to comment (to apologize for not commenting more), Blogster ate the comment. Let's see what it does with this one.

    I'm glad the book is going well, and the garden, and hope your trip to Melbourne goes well.

    Lisa S. in Seattle

    1. Sorry to be slow in replying - it's not that easy to get computer time in packing up, Melbourne continues well, but is hot enough to kill me.