Saturday, February 2, 2013

List and flute

Went to a garage sale I had high hopes of - old farm being sold - therefore lots of things useful to a bloke. Alas, it was mostly household stuff. Still,a nice little life-jacket for one of my friend's kids, and a collection of footrot flats books, and... um, a flute.

This is pure stupidity. I cannot play the flute. I am as musical as a brick. It could have been worse. There was a violin too.

I've decided to make a list of constructive things that need to be done. A lot of it has just been on hold for the absence of a few essential items: 1)money (I love publishing, really. They're just unreliable and pay very badly and often late. This actually doesn't help them or me, but of those two, I am the only one to see this.),2) time (which you really don't make good use of when stressing about the former point -and I do do a fair amount), inspiration (not easy when you're downhearted about (1). Anyway, at least in theory I have _some_ of the money they owe coming in, and I plan to put more work up as kindle/ Smashwords this year. That doesn't at this stage make me much, but it's reliable, predicable, and I get 70% of sales I can count, within 3 months. Not 6%- or maybe even 10% possibly years later.

Anyway, first item on the list is a list...

Learning to play the flute isn't on it.

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