Sunday, February 3, 2013


As part of my quest to get to doing stuff instead of wheelspinning, I wrote the list, which is obviously a pinocchio's nose, and a lie and a deception, by the way it keeps growing.

I have done the first two things (nasty paperwork) on it. I also helped Barbs clean windows and iron pillowslips (yes I iron well, learned in the army. Pillowslips should be easy. These are 'orrible.) for the holiday house she cleans. The iron there is a massive steam iron with a separate water tank and steam is piped to the iron. I have never seen the like. It seemed to work well. And I've got things in motion for the cover to my own Amazon version of A MANKIND WITCH.

I am also finally getting to use the the dehydrator I bought to celebrate the last time I got paid (it was on a special, and I have always rather fancied one. Never found a good one at a garage sale or the like) Apple rings - windfalls from Arthur's tree - are now dehydrating. I've done this by guess so any 'how to'will be appreciated for the second round. I am hoping to do tomatoes too. Alas, no other fruit.

In between this not a lot of writing got done.

Win some. Lose some. :-)

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  1. In the late seventies I visited Goddard College for a day, where the students were doing all sorts of self-sufficiency, off-the-grid kind of things. i helped cut up apples for their solar dehydrator, but I remember no details. The dehydrator was neat, though. Not the least portable, it seemed to be a permanent installation, big enough to do a huge amount of stuff. It was a miniature Quonset hut in form, three feet high and maybe 5 feet long, covered in black tarpaper, with a rack of wood-framed hardware cloth screens inside. There was a vent at one end at the top, with a black chimney, and an opening at the base on the other end. On a sunny dry day, the inside air got quite warm, and was replaced with fresh dry air as convection pulled it up out the chimney and more entered at the intake vent. They said it worked very well.