Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Close encounters

Ok I have learned two things today.

1)get rid of rats, they eat your crops and attract snakes
2)wear boots. Even in midsummer.

I just quickly dashed out to get a spring onion or three for the potato salad, and to grill with the ribs I was cooking. Barefoot, because I was in the kitchen. The pregnant part has a few problems, but I damn near had a conniption on the spot when I had a tiger snake slither past my heel, brushing against it (I had stepped over the snake, I assume). I thought it was a dog's nose and sort of kicked back because they're not allowed in the onion garden. It slithered off my heel and I realized that was no dog nose, and found myself some distance away by levitation, saying perhaps slightly unladylike things. I'm allowed to.

I returned with a spade... to dig up the rat hole. Yes really I was only intent on removing the rats. I have a hole the size of Kimberly in the back yard. No snake.


  1. Yeah, don't kill the snake. Wiki says they're endangered and protected. Big fine. If an unfortunate accident occurs, be modest and don't mention the source of the fertilizer.

    1. Wouldn't dream of harming one little hair on its head. Really. Another city law which makes slightly less sense than an emu on acid. 1)They're not rare here. I don't think they'd even make LC, and are close to 'pest' status, with number far elevated from natural by the introduction of nice easy prey. 2)with a 40-60% chance of it killing me, and more so of killing a child or killing my dogs, I feel tolerance is fine... more 200 meters from a dwelling, and if the law-passers (not the state, the people who want the law) pick up the costs, damages and risks. In town, they're quite safe, as cars kill more than anything else, and the chances of seeing one are very low, and help is rapidly at hand. Here I'm on my own a lot, and have a 20 minute drive to town, if I go fast.