Saturday, February 23, 2013

The heat, the saleing, and the kids new car

Melbourne bakes. It's my worst kind of weather, my brain leaks out under my armpits. We've been out sailing - er saleing with Capt'n Peter to garage sales, racing around the bouys or balloons at least, from sale to sale. I have a few small treasures - a couple of splitting wedges, a new block splitter, some extra-large plastic bowls, which have lid. This is always good for self-sufficiency, and also for putting under my armpits for catching the leaking brain. I've got a couple of nice stainless tables in the container for the butchering so various bits to help with living off the land add in. You couldn't really do that here, unless you ate people and had tarmac on ground concrete bread, with lawn salad. I suppose there must be a reason for all of these folk to live and work here, and I am glad they all want to. It frees up more space for the likes of us. And this is, as suburbs go, a pleasant one. Anyway then we went to used car place james had looked up - which employed motor-mouth MacNasty and her sidekick Dodgy O'thicke. It was a depressing experience, looking like very old and very like a 10 ton truck to drive and very un-airconditioned. Just perfect for outback Australia in summer... Then we went to another which claims to be the largest, and the kids found 3 possibles. Fortunately we had Peter with us, as my auto experience usually would see us sold a pup among 30 gret deals. The first one was decidely mechanically unsound, but honestly other than needing the wheels aligned the next seemed too good to be true, and affordable. They've bought it, and it goes in to get its roadworthy on monday. So hopefully it will be fine, despite Peter's freudian slip of remembering all car salesmen's names as 'con'.

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