Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First call to the Island...

I suppose it was inevitable -after several e-mails etc, that we'd end up having to make a 'phone call to someone on Flinders -- Barbs got a heads up from Gerard Walker of Flinders Island Cabin Park (we'd sent a feeler e-mail about long term and caravans) and he put us in touch with a friend of his who is leaving and wanted a longer term rental -- A bit more than we wanted to pay, but it did offer a firm foothold. Only the friend didn't have e-mail... so we ended calling this morning. It didn't quite work out (he wants years, we want months) but the bloke was pleasant, decent and friendly and helpful about it. And there was something of a frisson to knowing B was talking to someone across several large chunks of ocean. It kind of brought home to me how much things have changed - once a letter would have had to wait for two boats to get there, and taken months.

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  1. yeah I was telling someone in SA that today ... wanted to buy his wife a surprise gift but needed some info off the base of her Cornishware china ... I skyped him my question, he emailed back in a few minutes with a photograph of the backstamp, and I bought the gift a few minutes later off an online auction. Just. Too. Easy!

    So cool that you're actually touching base with people over there now. I know it's very stressful and there's a lot to organise. But it's exciting too!