Friday, September 25, 2009

Just some of the many cliffs on Mount StrZelecki (with extra Zeee for Clare ;-))

In the lee of Trousers Point


  1. You will not convince me that that is not a silent _Z_ until I hear it not pronounced.
    Sea looks a bit rough too.
    Drat this, my hands and feet are sweating just thinking of it. So excited to hit some cliffs, take me there now!

  2. I'd pronounce it "strezz-leckee." Definitely not a silent Z, although not pronounced the way it is spelled either.

  3. My finger's pronounce it fine, and my keyboard knows not these fiendish silent letters or emphasis.
    I am a true child of this century, or something

  4. Except you should learn to start calling it Zed, not Zee...