Thursday, September 24, 2009

What...per square metre? (gulp)

Barbs got the ferry charges out to the island... WOW. Ok, Self sufficiency just went on overdrive. We're going to have to do a radical rethink!
$83.67 per square metre...


  1. Either that, or you get really really really good at stacking things on top of other things...

  2. "Loaded Vehicles - Any vehicle considered overloaded with freight or cargo will be loaded and unloaded on the vessel at owners risk and all damage will be owners responsibility."
    (from the Ferry company rules)

  3. I am going back to the idea of remembering very suddenly how to sail and spending a month ferrying on a yacht.
    I mean just for the resail value of the items on Flinders it must be worth it!
    It can't be too hard can it? Something like running out of tackt and muffled booms? At least I can work out the exact position of dropped ballast given the velocity of the yacht.

  4. It is not the ballast that you have dropped that would matter. More a question of what total essentials you have lost overboard!