Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gimme a vegemite sandwich

Well in my morning look at getting an Australian education I read of Vegemite iSnack 2.0... another little surprise waiting for me. :-) I'm a foodie, so I as bit taken aback by an editorial in the Age calling for more regulation to control obesity. Moderation in all things - including how much you eat of them and the regulations you slap on 'em in my opinion. I was pleased to see the commentors didn't think much of his idea though.
Mind you the article about the old duck wandering into the ?the foreign minister's house and giving him a good bollocking about something was just charming. Unbelievable from here, where besides razor wire and a six foot fence the minister for belly-button lint would have at least 5 body-guards (so they can feel important) who would have shot her dead. The unlocked door was so cool.



  2. Doesn't seem to have gone down too well...

  3. Current majority thinking is they deliberately picked an ostentatiously awful name to garner publicity.

    It certainly sounds like something that'd go down better in the US market where their palate is adjusted to high sugar & high fat (see also the Krispy Kreme experience, reports from diggers eating in US Army canteens, and friends travelling there).