Saturday, September 5, 2009

Going to pot

Francis just brought home to me that I normally cook in great big cast iron pots. I've spent 20 years feeding flocks of locusts... well my kids, who also devour everything green (and red, and all the other shades of edible), and that I am likely - at best to be kitchen-stuff-less for 3 months or more.
So I have designed this new, elegant hand-luggage travelware for the migrant and other fashionable labelistas. The ultra-lightweight Falkirk luggable comes in at (as you can see if you have better eyes that I have) a delicate 12kg on the old shark scale, with a comforting five litre capacity, in which you can put all the other essentials of international travel, like clean socks :-).
On another amusing note: one of the movers called to inform me in tones of dulcet horror that the ferry to Flinders only sails once a week, and, um that has to time its voyages for the high tides. Chuckle. I didn't have the heart to tell her the truckie would probably have to spend 8 hours talking to the fellow passengers... sheep :-).

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