Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Take me, Take me!"

Ok so you're emigrating, going to live in a place you once spent three days in. It's an eight hour ferry ride to mainland, or a very expensive plane trip. And, let's be realistic, you're going to be broke a lot of the time (I am a writer. This is reality :-)). You have to choose 1)What you take at all. 2)What you take in your suitcase, because the container might take a long time getting there.

You have NO idea where you will live. You have no idea when you'll have a home, or what that home will be. You may spend 6 months like a gypsey.

I need something to write on. But that's about all I've established onto my list.


  1. When we moved to France we had the same container/suitcase thing. In the suitcases, we packed a few clothes/ bedclothes and camping cutlery/crockery. Also a minimum of cooking utensils (saucepan, fryingpan ...).

    We were lucky (sort of) that because of the fact that the US has 110v and Europe is 220 we had to buy new electrical stuff anyway so there was no need to worry about bringing coffee machines, kettles, toasters etc.

  2. Something to read.

    I followed a trail from the Save the Dragons page to say "Hello" from the other end, that being a very wet Launceston, Tasmania. (We had 25 days of rain last month, and still goes on. I know August is supposed to be the wettest month, but this is a bit extreme.)

    Happy to help with any "can you get this" questions, or whatever, with the disclaimer that answers will obviously apply to mainland Tas. (You might've noticed the slight nomenclature problem--that the name for the group of islands is the same as the name for the biggest island.)


  3. Francis, I hadn't even thought about cooking utensils and crockery (which is really dumb). I'd got as far as thinking of my knives (chef's knives), and wondering if I'd get arrested for having them in my suitcase. Ack. I have almost entirely cast iron cookware. One pot would be half my weight allowance.

  4. Monissa, how fantastic to make a contact in Lonnie! (And did you have to tell Barbs about the weather.) Heh, yes, I believe Flinders is the biggest island of the biggest island or something like that. Still, a lot of shopping will have to be done on 'mainland' Tas, and a lot of admin. We'll have to open bank accounts, and get state drivers licences, (we have several months to change over - but no way we can do it on the island), brave second-hand car dealers there for a start. So would LOVE local information. I know Launz - but he's in Scotsdale.

  5. Knives in suitcases are fine. Knives in one's pockets or hand luggage are obviously not. Are you shipping the cast iron by sea?

  6. Um, Melissa, I don't think any of my cooking knives would fit in a pocket. Must just remember not to put in hand-luggage... The pots will have go by sea. I'm wondering about ways of sealing them against rust. Barbara is the one with the pocket knife problem (I lose them) - she has a gung-ho gerber multi-tool on her belt which could rebuild an airliner, let alone threaten someone :-)