Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Ferry saga... continuetheth too

I see the Southern Condor - due to sail at 3 AM with cargo and passengers for Flinders... has been suspended from servce until the oil leaks are rectified. And the Matthew Flinders (the other vessel) - Bass Greens MHA Kim Booth, released a MAST report and maintenance document, which stated that it was a dangerous, lice-infested vessel.

Hmm. Interesting vessels we will be relying on!


  1. Lice-infested?? Charming!

  2. When did you say you were coming to visit???

  3. Maybe they only suck on the blood ships (hence the oil-leaks). Lice are treatable if unpleasant and to be avoided... it was the 'dangerous' part that worried me. Maybe the family should fly?