Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ferry strike?

My mother is a great deal worse, so posts may be erratic for a bit. Still, it serves to take my mind off something I can do nothing about.

I've just been told -and thus followed up the reports that the Southern Shipping Ferry to Flinders was refused docking because of unpaid port fees, and now her crew are on strike, trapping the vessel on Flinders, due to unpaid wages.

That makes getting there interesting, and things very difficult for the islanders.


  1. Even worse, with the ferry currently sitting on the only wharf capable of handling a large vessel, it's blocking the company (LD Shipping) that the government hired to do shipping in the interim from actually unloading at Flinders Island.

    And with the captain having been forcefully removed by the police, the Ports Authority has discovered it can't actually legally move the vessel.

    Although, on the good news front, at least, given the reports of the deteriorating safety of the two ferries that has been uncovered because of this debacle, if there is a replacement shipping company due to this failure (which looks likely as it's probably the only thing that will save the Minister's career), it's less likely to sink with all your worldly possessions in the middle of Bass Straight.

    Just got to keep thinking positive. Although Paddy's suggestion to go yachting does sound more and more attractive, doesn't it?

  2. It makes owning a boat look good, even if it's only big enough for fair weather trips to the big island. For that matter Melbourne or the smaller towns along the SE coast are just a couple of hundred miles away. Perfect for a mid week visit and shopping trip.