Friday, October 30, 2009

They want it when they want it!!

I am now battling the movers! We had a super guy, who came to quote, so I thought he would mastermind our great trek. Right. The moment we decided which movers to use, he went on leave, and his assistant wanted forms I couldn't print out, (because the computer was reading the wrong printer). I managed to fax them to her finally, and she then passed me on to a third person, who failed to reply to most of my frantic emails, sent on random days between other happenings.

Now a fourth person has phoned to say that she is going to coordinate our move, and needs 4 forms completed NOW. I have managed 2 out of 4, and was quite proud of myself, but she feels this is not good enough. So on I go, trying to work out how much it is will cost to replace any of our furniture they manage to break on the way over. I am almost at the point of desperation, ready to say, just smash it all now, and I will buy new in Australia. But some Dave and I grew up with, and some we have bought with love over the years, we can't just abandon it all!

So back to work with forms and prices, hold onto my sanity by a thin string!


  1. People frequently underestimate the usefulness of string. Such as this use.

    Hope this helps with the sanity loss (I never knew movers believed in sanity clauses any more).

  2. Hopefully the ship with our furniture will sail, sanity claus or not,or it will not get to us in time!