Friday, October 9, 2009

Got the Passport! Now we CAN move!

Yesterday I went and fetched Paddy's passport. He is our older son, and he misplaced his passport, twice, on a trip to Malawi at Easter this year. Most people would feel that once in a lifetime is enough, but Paddy never does anything by halves.

Having applied for the new Passport in Grahamstown, where he is at University, we all thought it would be delivered there. But, no, the passport office decided that as he was living near Pietermaritzburg, (10 hours away) when he originally applied, he would prefer it to be delivered there!

Luckily they agreed that I could collect it, ( We are only an hour from there!) as long as I had a copy of his receipt, and proof of identity. So, it all works out for the best, as at least he can't lose it again before Dec, when he has another trip to Malawi. (Yes, it is a wonderful country, but it also happens to house his girlfriend, Clare, during her holidays from Cambridge.)

So now we are all set, with the correct documents, and can move to Australia.

We just need to sort, pack and throw out everything we won't need to take. Of course we will not take all the items we find we most need, but that is character building!

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