Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weather training

Well, it's cold enough out there for your average male polar bear to have to look down twice to make sure he really is a male polar bear. And to add insult to injury (and hopefully not lice. I am still troubled by these mental images of ship lice - mechanical beasties with jaws to suck oil?) it's raining again. Storms and torrential downpours last night - our other self-sufficiency friends (the rabbit-warders) called this morning with a tragic tale of drowned baby bunnies. Today, mizzle, drizzle and cold-run-down-your-neck rain, and I've just heard more deep vibrations. I love the the thunder... I love the rain (to Jackson Browne on you) but right now I have some writing to do (ergo, thunder very bad), and I have to cut some tree-branches to get the container truck in to cut (ergo a wet tree to climb up, and probably fall out of.) I had already decided that I need to do this with my bow-saw rather than a chainsaw. Falling with a chainsaw seems even more fraught. And now I have rain.

So I looked up Flinders weather. We're expecting it to be colder and wetter than here.

For today, anyway... wrong.

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  1. For today, anyway... wrong.

    You could say that. <grin>

    And it's not even summer yet... <sigh>