Friday, October 23, 2009

It was a LOOOONG day

Dave woke with tooth ache.

So we started the day by trying to get a rates document, essential for our house sale - No, the computer is broken, hardware due tomorrow, come back on Monday!

Then we fetched the post, which had been collecting for a while, and discovered the pest certificate, we had stupidly assumed to be with the lawyers.

The vehicle was making a knocking noise, so I dropped Dave at the dentist, to wait for a gap in his patient load, and went to a wonderful garage. They replaced two missing rubbers to rehang the exhaust, and welded it back onto a metal bracket it should have been attached to, and repaired 2 holes in it! All in half an hour, with a very small bill at the end.

Dave had an abcess treated at the dentist, unfortunately as he was slipped in as an extra his mouth only really went numb in the car on the way out of town! Still at least it was treated in time before it really became rotten!

The next stop was to the lawyer to drop off the pest cert, which meant driving into the middle of town, with manic taxi's etc. Then another hour down the road to visit the hospital. Dave's Mom was not as well as she has been, but improved a bit while we were there.

An hour back towards home, we stopped with Carl, Dave's brother, at his wonderful restaurant and had a meal while we brought him up to date with Mom, before we set off for the last drive home in the mist.

Now, if this does not read fluently, please blame it on the long day, and not on the glass of red wine I had with supper!

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  1. ack, what a day!!! Hope you both got a good night's sleep!!