Thursday, December 3, 2009

More Medical

We are trying to ensure that we are all well before we fly out. So having done the teeth, hair and eyes, (Dave's frames look sooo distinguished, they make him look really scholarly.) I am now starting on the Mammo and Gynae bit. For the first time ever I have been told not to put on deodorant before my mammo??? I said I hoped they had scented masks to wear. Today is very muggy and hot and my appointment is at midday!

Paddy is going to climb while I am tortured, they have a 3 storey climbing wall at a shopping centre close to the hospital with a huge range of climbing grades, so at least one of us can have some fun. He has been stuck in the house with his parents and Aunt for long enough.

We are starting to long for sun, we haven't seen it for a week or so, but on Saturday we drive up to Pretoria and I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot too much of it, but at least we can possibly get some washing dry.

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