Monday, December 14, 2009

We went swimming at the local municipal pool this morning - I did 200 metres and was dead-beat - to my shame. (B also did 200 metres and wasn't even breathing hard, but said she was tired. She's nice to me.) I got up to doing 1.6km in a session last summer so 200 metres is a big come down, and is barely safe if I am swimming in pursuit of crays. Fins and a wetsuit make a difference of course. Being city-bound now and my sister doesn't grow any food in her little garden beyond lemons I am really longing to get out into the water and also to plant stuff again. It's enormously satisfying - for me anyway - at a primal level to provide food for my family. So we'll be back at the pool tomorrow, weather permitting. In the afternoon James is having his wisdom teeth out, poor lad. Ice-cream and jelly and maybe scrambled egg for dinner...

And so we move slowly closer. Am missing my beasties fiercely, like a sort of permanent dull ache.

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  1. Hey I harvested my first two courgettes last week. Was never a prouder moment.

    Richard is hiking the Milford Track from Thurs to Monday. It's a must-do Kiwi thing.

    Bet your beasties are missing you all too. :-(