Friday, December 4, 2009

On the Sea

Our belongings are now sailing. They set out from Durban on the first on a container ship called MSC Lugano. The only photo I can find of it shows a huge load of containers and a white superstructure. If you see a ship like that please wave to it!

It is due in Australia on 26 December, but I am not sure at which port, we will have to wait and see. This is all getting very exciting!

We have a curry dinner tomorrow night, and then a Murder Party on Sunday, life is all go at the moment!


  1. Getting closer and closer.

    Hope you are paying attention to the Aurealis Awards: for a book published next year onwards, you will be eligible! Eek - more good competition coming our way...

  2. Yep - I joined Vision about a year ago (as part of my learn the local scene, make friends and contacts and fit in, and they post about the Aurealis awards. But I am no tall poppy (just a determined battler) so no threat to anyone ;-)