Tuesday, December 29, 2009

To the power of four

Paddy came back to us from Clare, Malawi and the mis-adventures on Mt Malange, (where one hikes with porters and guides... unless you're Paddy who carried own pack, thank you very much.
Carl dropped us here with Pete in Pretoria. That has hard as my brother was also my crayfish diving partner(as well as a lot of other things). Natal reef-crawling as we did (the crays here live in the break zone was a high risk passtime, and your buddy is really your lifeline. You don't do it well without a high level of trust and co-operation. People you can do this with are rare. So here at Pete's place we have been educating James in the fine art of being a plaything for a pair of little precocious, blond, ultra-bright girls - my Godchildren. Tch. he needs to work on his stamina. He told me I would be waiting a long time for those grandchildren. I think - besides the suitcase weighing and balancing act we're nearing ready.

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