Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Sunday we had a huge farewell tea with Bentley clan, with almost enough mince pies for Martin and James. Martin is good lad, and has come out well in spite of a near lifetime of associating with us. Today was bank (who are full of ...it, ), and getting dive masks (I'm down to 1 by now – byproduct of diving in a washing-machine sea) and cases and a big plastic crate for shipping our unaccompanied baggage, and a couple more suitcases. I am now the proud possesor of a spiderman handluggage bag (it was cheap. And besides, why not). After all a man who managed a 500 metres swim should have spiderman handluggage I think.


  1. Spiderfreer, Spiderfreer,
    Is that damn monkey here?
    Throws a coconut, any size,
    Catches fish with hand-made ties.
    Look out! Here comes the Spiderfreer!

    Can he climb? Listen friend−
    He'll make it to the very end.
    Can he hang, from a thread?
    Take a look, overhead.
    Hey there! There goes the Spiderfreer!

    In the chill of night,
    At the edge of the land,
    He comes into sight,
    With lobster in hand!

    Spiderfreer, Spiderfreer,
    Friendly authorial Spiderfreer.

    Wealth and fame, it's ignored−
    Writing is, it's own reward.
    To him,
    Life is a great big adventure−
    Wherever there is dementia,
    You'll find the Spiderfreer!

  2. I really love it. Have you got a copywrite for it??

  3. Oh nice....

    Must see if I can get a friend to put it to music....

  4. @Barbs - Fair dealing under Australian Copyright Act 1968 Section 41A [work produced for purposes of satire or parody], even if set to the original music. As far as any copyright on the derivative work is concerned, if in fact any might apply, I officially release it to the public domain - particularly if one were inclined to actually produce a musical version.

    @Dave - It should scan to the original music, although you might want to change the lobsters to "in each hand." But I'll leave that up to someone who actually passed Music I because they were not handy with a soldering iron.