Thursday, December 3, 2009

spiderwebs of rope

I have a sneaking feeling that winter in Tas is going to make a tumble-dryer an essential. We've had 4 days of rainy mizzle and occasional hissing-down rain... and loads of washing. All hung out in the one little gap in the weather. By today - when we had some almost sun - it was beginning to smell a bit musty. When the rain came in again, we dug out 150 feet of old climbing rope (rated at 1.5 metric tons - nearly strong enough for my socks) and spiderwebbed the garage-rafters with it, and the washing. Only mildly tied the security gate up. It's really not difficult to get in and out - if you are an athletic, acrobatic contortionist midget.

If this weather is winter in Tassie, a tumbledrier starts to move up the list...


  1. Depends where you are, but I always found the Tassie weather to be rather mild, but generally sunny. Then again every time I lived in Hobart it never snowed on Mt Wellington, but blizzarded down as soon as I left. I still don't believe in it. It's utter hearsay.

    It's usually not the weather you traditionally find in Melbourne or Seattle or even English climate. A tumble dryer shouldn't be needed.

  2. good to know. The list is quite long (mind you, your weather-control skilz are a factor in this I suspect ;-))