Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tents and Tending

Dave has gone off to the KZN midlands for the day, with few plans, many tasks and my cellphone with all the numbers and call time in order to make it all happen. He phoned me on his phone to say he had arrived safely, but his battery died before he could finish talking. I have now recharged his phone, and I wait with baited breath for his next call, to hear how much he can manage to do in one day while the car is serviced. The places he needs to go are up to 20kms apart, and there is no public transport! It also includes sorting his drivers licence, which is enough to try the patience of a saint on any day.

James, our toothless son, (well 4 less than yesterday anyway), has survived the night, and can now talk normally while only opening his mouth halfway. This is a huge improvement on yesterdays sign language. Yes, I am quite good at charades but his signs were not always clear, apart from NOOOO!

The sun has come out in Durban at last, so my plan for the day is to start washing 2 big 5 sleeper tents. I will start with the fly sheets and see how it goes from there. The plan was to do it while all 4 of us were here, but it rained or drizzled the whole time. So I will give it a go on my own, it should get up to 31C here today so they should dry alright.

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