Friday, May 20, 2011

The Flasher

Can keep flashing for 2 and half hours and doesn't even have a greasy old raincoat. Bill made me a flasher (it's all his fault, and I will say so in court). It's a little more innocuous than it sounds although a lot more illuminating than other sorts of flash. It's two LED displays for the ute when we go floundering - it's dark sometimes misty (or raining) and very easy to get disorientated. So my mate has devised a sort of strobe LED display run off the cigarette lighter.

Tonight is very still again, but the moon is still quite full. I ought to go out (need fish for the mobs in June-July, but we have people for lunch tomorrow (so much more healthy than eating cows. People must have all the right nutrients for people)) and Bleah grrr! Barbs is still house sitting Lady Barron, because Max managed to miss his flight (possibly due to weather delays) and now can't get back till Monday. He's possibly a blameless victim of circumstance, but right now a few of us would like kick his tail for it. Oh well. What can't be cured must be endured.


  1. Poor Dave (poor Barbs, too).

    Lisa S. in Seattle

  2. Hang in there Dave, she'll be home soon.

  3. Just spent five days across teh country visiting my mother in the hospital. I know what you feel.

    As for the LEDs.

    Along time ago I had a job which frequently involved walking in total darkeness towards people who were not supposed to see you coming. Which in really small groups was not a problem. You could touch the man in front.

    But in the next bigger group that became a problem and then some wag found tape,that if exposed to light, glowed in the dark. But it really wasn't all that good and when moving the next bigger group of people worked not at all

    Then an amazing technological thing happened. Some say it was one of the higher level administrators of my job invented, others say it it was another industry peer of ours. I say it was an 18 year old tired of bumping into trees.

    Regardless, here is what they did. They took an LED and taped it's leg's together over a hearing aid battery. Glowed like a champ. Then they would take an an extra loop of commo tape...I meant electrical tape..and drive a small nail through that into the backside of a tree. That way the people who were not supposed to see us saw no glow and those that were...did.

    Now you can leave the ginger bread trail electronically.

  4. Quilly: And hope there are no electronic ravens...
    I hope your mother is OK.

  5. Yeah, thanks Cedar, Lisa. Another couple of nights won't kill, but we've been together for 30 years and probably spent less than 4 months apart in that time (and that includes 2 months of military service I had to do)...