Sunday, May 1, 2011


What do you do with a foot - 36 inch long athletic fish...? all sort of interesting possibilities occur, I am sure, to your agile minds. Probably the one idea that didn't occur was to wade out in the dark into nice cold water with a short handled kiddies puddle-net - net depth about half of the length of the fish - and to try and scoop them up as they skit away from your light. The essential adjunct to this fairly aerial and damp passtime is our wonderful (but excitable) Polish friend. The light goes all over the place - which adds interest, as well as challenge, and of course what I can only call volubility. It's a sort of fishy tennis challenge, with a backhand swipe and wild smashing forehand that showers everyone, and has the fish being juggled with as it tries (and mostly succeeds)to bounce out of the net. The fact we caught anything at all still amazes me.

I think it has potential as an Olympic sport, myself. So tonight I am off to introduce a few more devotees...

We have the first chook in the chookabago. She's not terribly pleased with us as she is one of Nev's ultra free range chooks - but he's trying to re-home them as he's going to be off island. It was two chooks but one of them escaped from him. We're hoping to add 4 Isa browns to the menagerie.

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