Monday, May 16, 2011

three egg day...

You may remember three dog night? Well, I have now entered onto something completely unlike it - three egg day. We only have 3 chooks in the laying stakes (mrs black I think is only there to be bottom of the pecking order.) And they've got to the stage of ordering me to move the chookabago. Cluck-Talking at me, and standing against the front edge, waiting. Their attitudes to fish are hilarious. I suspect fish is crack-cocaine to chickens - to judge by the hooliganism that goes on over half a garfish. Anyway they're going to get some wallaby tomorrow. They really ARE the lineal descendants of T.rex. How the mighty have fallen.

I turned my ineptly butchered wallaby (pademelon) into mince and chunks - we have some my polish friend butchered and I deboned (or jointed) for the mobs in June-July. I got 9 350 gram minces out of it -still using the old hand mincer. Makes mince a little more... hard work!

Nothing else today except flurries of what would be snow if we were not at sea level, and the temperatures are actually still quite mild. So flurries of thin rain... I resisted the urge to go out and throw rainballs or make rainmen, and worked. I am counting the days until B finishes her stint of house sitting in Lady Barron. I even turned the TV on tonight to make a little background noise.


  1. Hi Dave,
    a while ago you mentioned that you wanted to get some 'Pink Salt' for curing.

    I've just ordered some from

    They use AusPost so you shouldn't have any problems getting it delivered to Flinders

    Hope this helps


  2. Get Microsoft Sam to dictate our comments to you, its more monotonous than television, but some of the words are fun.
    Although I suppose there is nothing quite like Ms Sam to drive one to seek out better company in a chookabago.
    I hadn't considered that chickens might have a pecking order or the possibility of hallucinogenic effects of meat on the fearsome Tyrannosaurus-Cluck. When will college institutions realise the wealth of education they are not giving us.
    They have given us an entire day off to celebrate our right to vote, just thought I would let you in on what is going on back in the home-land.
    "If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it." — Mark Twain

  3. Hmm. I don't think its halucigenicic fish - it does seem addictive and make them feel good however. If they start breaking and entering in order to get money to pay their next fish, I have to put thim in fish re-hab. There is a body of thought that puts birds (and crocodiles) as the survivors of the dinosaur era. Watching these it is easier to believe.

    I've discovered Australian Radio - which is a big improvement on Microsoft Sam!

    I do hope you went to vote. It may not be meaningful because so many people don't use it wisely (and it is a huge responsibility, to vote wisely. To use a very blunt, only occassionally available instrument to decide and shape so much) -- but it still something that every person who does use wisely can at least feel accountable to their own concience.