Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We had just a wind-riffle on the water last night when we went a-floundering. Very frustrating, and we only got four flounder. Today has been beautifully still again, and I am half-tempted to go and try again, perhaps elsewhere. I probably should have siezed the weather and gone diving today but did some writing work instead. It was a reasonable day, but not great, writing-wise. So it might be good for my halo, but not the fish-in-the-freezer stocks, or major progress stocks. Yesterday we turned the wrasse we've been accumulating into kitty-fish - turned into 56 days of kitty fish. I turned what scrap roo/meat into dog-gobbets too, but our stocks there are a lot lower. I'm not sure how much money this really saves us (as compared to buying cat-tins). Most of our lifestyle choices are quite time-hungry, so one does end up a little thin and stretched. Still, labor in Australia is very expensive, so we do save a lot by doing for ourselves (which considering my US dollar income - and the fact that authors are slightly more ripped off than musos in what they get for their work, is very important). Some of it I quite enjoy (cutting and splitting wood, growing the veg and herbs) and some of it - mincing fish - I definitely think automating as much as possible is called for. Being as self-sufficient as possible is what we want to do, and does give us a lifestyle way beyond our means :-)(you simply couldn't BUY a lot of what we are able to enjoy) but my word, it can be a lot of work at times.