Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well, I was silly enough to go out last night and explore another place - I'd heard Fotheringate was good for Flathead spearing so I went down there. No cigar... I did follow one very large fish who was playing with me (move and stop move and stop) until the water was lapping at the edge of my waders-top. It was hoping for a wave. I noticed as I was getting there that the Ute was overheating badly and so I went out even though the tide was really to high for there, and the wind riffle too much. I did see some lovely big mullet, which as they move faster than an over-ripe fig through the digestive tract, involved a lot of frantic spear flailing and no success. Probably possible to throw-net, if I feel that keen on fresh mullet.

On my return to the ute, I checked the water in the radiator and filler... and found the problem. No water in refill radiator not dry but not full. No mobile comms either. And it was now nearly 11pm, dark and far from any habitation... No water with me. A rodent of some description had nibbled a hole in the top of the water-refiller which will apparently not help (note to cats, kitty fish on hold until you do a better job!!!). So I tried to find water (decided sea water would not be good), and failed, and then drove very cautiously - cold night and the temp didn't come up beyond half and I watched it carefully - the 1km to Trousers Point where I was able to get water. Only... what to carry it in? My boots!!! I thought radiator might throw up. Well I was saved by finding a biscuit tin, but I must put water in the vehicle.

Today I got up early and worked, and then I went with Bill to prune the olives from which our 30 000 came (turned out it was 31 000... estimated!) and then picked olives from the branches. We've got another 15 kg and sore backs. This oil better be worthwhile!


  1. Picking olives while pruning is a trick someone I know does. It works as long as you are pretty damn sure there won't be a sudden hard frost shortly afterwards. If that happens that quite a lot of the unpruned bits adjacent to the pruned bits will die too.

    But unless you did something really silly like pruning huge branches the potential damage is the olive tree equivalent of a flash wound.

  2. The chances of a hard frost are fairly slim, Francis. The house with the olives is maybe 30 metres above sea level, which acts as a big radiator with built in westerly fan most of the time. We do get mild frosts here, 5-6 times a year, but they are very much at ground level. But noted for future reference, thank you

  3. off topic.

    Thanks for keeping up the diary. It relieves the Dr Monkey book withdrawal symptoms. :-)

    Any nibbles for "Gypsy"?


    Ian @ Gladstone

  4. Nothing so far Ian. If nothing happens soon I will do itas an e-book myself.