Monday, June 27, 2011

Pads and Clare here

Clare and Paddy are safely here (See Dave and Barbs do happy dance, prance and leap in the air). Paddy has done time re-adjustment by sleep deprivation so some statements at present are meaningful to Gerbils. But we love Gerbils :-). They've both gone off to Sing Australia tonight, Clare driving. This is going to take some getting used to! Paddy hasn't got an international driver's licence (only an SA one) so he gets to be a passenge. Hee hee. I can already see people saying 'like father, like son', although he does the driving back in South Africa. (I actually quite enjoy driving these days. It's other people on MY road I detest. Have they no respect for my property? And Barbs hates other people driving her, and mine most of all. If she ever says 'drive me to the doctor' I'll know she thinks she's dying.)

I have planted some more garlic out, and am hoping to get some more on top of this. Yes, actually I do live in mortal fear of vampires. How ever did you guess. And it's the sparkly ones that really dislike garlic, I've heard.

Anyway, we're holding thumbs for a little decent weather, in the mad social whirl. Tomorrow looks half OK.


  1. Happy happy. Hoping for excellent holiday. How long?

  2. Looks like a huge crop of garlic to be harvested. I'm waiting for the bubils to fall off and reseed the bed. Normally I top 1/2 of the crop to grow bigger bulbs but this year I'm letting them all seed out and then harvest all of them so I can rake out the beds.

    They're a hardneck heirloom variety that will grow good sized bulbs next year.

  3. Good to hear. BTW Paddy doesn't need an international drivers license, the SA one is good until three months after you become a permanent resident.