Sunday, June 19, 2011

Contuum 7

A few pictures from Continuum 7
My favorite view... er. Not. But the patch of sky is pretty good.

I had to speak in public. It was not a kind thing, for either me, or the public...

There is a great public transport system, but it can have quite an effect on you.

and you may need resident experts to get you back to the way you think you were...

The people in Melbourne are different. Interesting but different...

A friend and relation

coco Black hot choc

The best view of all


  1. How did the masquerade go?

    Lisa S. in Seattle

  2. In re picture 2 - that one of the dapper gent. Looks familiar somehow did you have a close relative there?

    I mean it couldn't be actually you because there's no neoprene, bits of olive, grass, sheep etc. attatched

  3. Masquerade - fortunately few entrants and the level of work on the 'best' was far greater than any other. However one of the organiser's (therefore not in comp) costume would have given me a conflict with the other judge (clever and moderately hard to do costume) which I would have voted for.

  4. The close relative has a chained book :-)