Friday, June 17, 2011

the wind through the tum...

Strangely enough, the wind is blowing! Isn't that odd for Flinders? The rumbling noises are the pines, and not me. Really. I promise. My tum is bemoaning the antibiotics, and very uneasy. Am eating replacement fauna. I've been alternately wading through post - down to 120 items now, and trying to get on with writing. My poor garden is suffering from winter and lack of input, but the freezers are full of food - fish, fowl and meat (we got 4 more wallaby for dog-tucker today) and some beautiful frozen prawns from Port Lincoln as a prezzie.

Puggle appears fine today.

We're dog sitting Molly (my Irish Wolfhound-Great Dane cross girlfriend) this weekend. Molly has a dog-house with her own window basket (with flowers), so I hope you all realise how special this is!

It's less than two weeks until the kids get here, and we're counting days.

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  1. I get the impression the kids are counting the days, too.

    Sounds like a fairly caught-up week or two. Hope it stays that way. Good luck with the anti-bios.