Sunday, June 26, 2011

Glue-tin gluten stodge

We have a very dear friend who is modern wheat intolerant (actually I think I've met 4 friends on island who are either wheat or gluten intolerant. And I'd never met one before I came here) so I was trying my hand at making a cake with gluten free flour and xanthin gum. Do not try this in your own home unless you wish to come to a sticky end. Well, a sticky egg-beater, anyway. This is the stuff they use for special effects in horror movies. 'It came from... (suitable shrieky-squeaky music)the mixing bowl' I put the beater tines in and it surged up like some ameobic monster, slcurging its spinning way to the attack, growing as it did. "Today the beater and the hand, tomorrow Whitemark, maybe next week... Melbourne." I've a mind to turn it loose on an Aussie rules game, just to see if anyone realised what was happening, or if they all really are as confused as me, and thought players being doughed was just normal. I'm trying, but really it is very confusing game. I know now just how Americans feel about cricket.

And the end result was ghastly stodge. I've got some spelt flour coming over and I hope that's less evullll!

An e-mail in to say James has arrived in Perth with GF.:-) MUCH appreciated, as I am a worrier. So Perth, bring out your very best weather and fun, because I want them to love you.


  1. Just don't try sorghum flour. It smells like… well, Let's just say I won't try it again. My daughter is allergic to gluten, and my mother and sister both have celiac, so I've learned a few recipes. For a gluten free cookie that is fabulous, one cup sugar, one cup peanut butter, and one egg. Mix, drop on pan by the tablespoon-full, and bake at 375 for 10-12 minutes. They are so rich and sweet.

  2. I'll try them, Cedar - eggs we have lots of :-)
    Sorghum is one of those love-it or hate-it things. It's mostly used in making beer in South Africa (no European beer - more a cloudy ginger-beery sort of stuff, with the texture of gruel. I don't like it) it is also used a breakfast porrige I like and Barbs can't stand.