Thursday, June 23, 2011


Well, we cleared out all the pruned olive branches (there will be no sudden outbreaks of peace my garden. War to the weed!) from the pruning picking. Barbs also did some more gutter cleaning and I finished up planting the Chookabago track (I've dug over behind them assuming that a little chicken poo fresh will do no real harm. The 'bago is on a fresh piece of land every day.) I've had to take out the tussocks with a fork, but the rest is scratched over. I've put in peas, bulb-fennel brocolli, parsnips, silverbeet and even a few carrots and onions in a very long bed. It's all scrap seed collected from our own plants, so if it grows, a win, and if not - a bit of labour lost. This may be the case with the olives - if so we just won't do it again. Anyway, I can say we tried it.

The weather being better (slightly) we took the dogs to the beach for a walk. Puggle still has to stay on the lead to stop him running too much, but much joy by all. They do love the strange smells, especially the dead penguin and the news left on dog-gossip corner (a bush plainly favored for 'messages')

I got a new seed catalog. More weird things to try. It's plant porn I tell you!

And more writing...


  1. Who moved the chooks while you were gone?

    That's a lovely photo, btw.

    Lisa S. in Seattle